My name is Tessa, I am a qualified interior decorator, with a background in creative fields such as colour, residential design, furniture and homewares, collaborative photo shoots, floral design, wedding styling and product styling. 

I am a VISUAL person, usually with more vision than resource (and all the creatives said amen! haha), and I have always been obsessed with colour, creating beautiful things, directing and perfecting because I am passionate about bringing the very best that I can!

I am honest about what works and what doesn't, and every detail matters to me. It brings me great joy to work with clients who trust me with the big picture and the end result of a project (there is always a deliberate reason behind all of my choices, and they are made with your best interest at heart). 


Born in Sydney, Australia, I absolutely love living in such an incredible city and will probably always call Sydney home. I'd LOVE to (one day...in the far future!) own several properties here-a suburban home with a decent backyard, city terrace, acreage property (with a farm-like home, fireplace, an 'English' stone wall, animals, a field of flowers, a long driveway and a venue on site for events); a beach house and some investment properties (I dream big I know! One at a time...that's my 'Australian dream'!) and raise my (future) kids in Sydney with my wonderful husband Anthony. 

However I have had some amazing holidays overseas over the past 10 years, and definitely have the famous 'travel bug', and so I'm constantly dreaming and planning trips for the future-mostly scenic/nature based holidays, and will hopefully have some opportunities to work with other creatives who live overseas. There are so many I admire!


So...my first-middle-last name is Tessa Sally Bayliss, and I wanted a business name close to home but not my own name attached to everything...and so "Sally Bay" was created! 

I am the sole owner and director of this business, and I look after all aspects and create everything too.  It's full on, but I love every part of it! I offer different services to cater to different needs, and hire people as needed depending on the volume of the project and tasks involved. 

I also love collaborating with others who offer something specifically (for example I don't make cakes/desserts, but I will choose to work together with a business that specializes in cakes to help me style an event), and that way I am bringing the very best to you, working with a range of trusted and talented people, and each event will be unique in style.